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In today’s busy world, families, couples, and singles turn to Ivy Green Clean to keep their lives and their homes in order. Ivy Green Clean is more than just another cleaning service, spend your time the way you want and let the professionals do the cleaning!

Many of my clients take advantage of my regular visits. But I also clean for other reasons:  parties, seasonal cleaning, as well as a deserved day off!


My Services

How I do it


I dust all cabinets and counter tops. I move your small appliances and other items on your counter and clean the counter area. I clean your sink and sweep and thoroughly mop your floor!


I dust ceiling fans and/or latter high areas, baseboards & mini blinds quarterly. I do a general house dusting regularly and I sweep, mop and vacuum.


I clean showers, tubs, toilet and sinks. I disinfect all surface areas. I clean your mirrors and your counter areas. I clean the tops of vanity items and replace them. I dust your bathroom cabinets and mop the floors.


•    Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Appointments
•    Special Event Preparation or Clean-Up
•    Spring and Deep Cleanings
•    Move-In or Move-Out’s
•    Residential Cleaning
•    And Much More…Tailored to Fit Your Needs!!!

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